Zhang Fengyi proves that age is just a number with ripped body

Chinese actor Zhang Fengyi is 64 years old but he is living proof that age is just a number.
The health junkie tries to exercise twice a day. Being in the spotlight means that celebrities have to look good all the time. Zhang Fengyi takes that to the next level with his ripped body.
The veteran Chinese actor had netizens blown away when photos of him emerged on the Internet. Zhang Fengyi was recently photographed playing basketball at a stadium in Ningbo. The actor is known for his roles in the 1993 classic film Farewell My Concubine and 2008 war epic Red Cliff.

Fengyi wore a basketball jersey, flaunting his guns. The actor did not look a day over 45. His fit figure can also rival those of young hunks half his age. It appeared that the actor’s fitness level can also give theirs a run for their money as well. Based on reports, Fengyi had trouble guarding his much taller opponent during the basketball game but he was persistent and never gave up. Fengyi was reportedly in Ningbo to film upcoming drama Masses Have No Trifles and the match was organised by the production crew.
It is believed that Fengyi’s muscular physique is the result of decades of working out. Fengyi stunned audiences with his ripped body in Chinese reality show Takes A Real Man. He previously opened up in an interview sharing that he works out twice daily no matter how busy he is or tough the conditions are. Fengyi hits the gym twice a day, once in the morning and another time before heading to bed.
For him, he likes being active and he believes that it can change one’s mental outlook. He lifts weights when he feels troubled and after he sweats it out, his mood improves. As time passed, his physique improved and it has kept him strong and youthful too. Born as Zhang Fengyi on September 1, 1956, Fengyi is a Chinese actor best known for his role as Duan Xiaolou in Farewell My Concubine (1993), Jing Ke in The Emperor and the Assassin (1998), and Cao Cao in Red Cliff (2008-2009). /TISG
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