GWM facilitates safe traveling of overseas customers

In 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 epidemic spreads all over the world, forcing countries to take restriction, quarantine and other emergent protective measures to prevent the spread of the virus. However, with the continuous economic downturn and restriction on travelling, the operation of all sectors is stricken. Overseas dealers at the end of the market have been under great pressure, and it’s difficult to guarantee transportation safety of customers who attempt to resume their work.

Facing such a severe situation and under the guidance of regulations for epidemic prevention released by governments, GWM has kept to its after-sales service philosophy highlighting “professionalism, high-efficiency and exclusive service” and launched the activity of “Caring the World and Supporting Global Combat against COVID-19”. It offered 7 warm-hearted services, namely, “free replacement of air conditioning filter”, “extended warranty service”, “exclusive appointment service”, “remote diagnosis”, “maintenance trusteeship”, “working hours discount” and “friendly reminder”. Dealers try to suit measures to local market conditions and work hard to satisfy customers’ need for mobility and maintenance during the COVID-19 epidemic, creating a model for global services in GWM.

With the joint efforts of GWM and dealers in different regions, these activities have been quickly kicked off in Russia, South Africa, Bolivia, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and some other markets. In Russia, local dealers offered free replacement of air conditioner filter and door-to-door car pick-up service; in South Africa, they offered free replacement of air conditioner filter and discount on spare part; in Uruguay, free replacement of air conditioner filter and extended warranty service; in Bolivia, combination of free replacement of air conditioner filter and discount on spare part as well as online order and delivery of spare parts.

Considering the severe situation and great economic pressure caused by the pandemic, it is the actual needs of people in various countries to meet the demands of production and living while preventing the epidemic, and the efforts of GWM in this regard has won sincere praises from foreign customers. There was a message left by a customer at the official Facebook account of GWM, saying that GWM, with its considerate services, provided its customers with a sense of security in the time of uncertainties.